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F I N E   A R T   L A N D S C A P E S

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K A T H Y   M E D C A L F


Hidden in our beautiful national parks and breathtaking countryside and are some of Britains prettiest waterfalls...s


.... Here you'll find a selection of waterfalls that I've had the pleasure of photographing


Photographing the night can be really rewarding especially when your chosen subject is an old

cobbled street or dimly lit alley full of

atmospheric mood.





Find me a flower meadow and you'll not see

me for hours!


I'm a sucker for natural meadows. Wild, natural and so pretty, especially in the late afternoon sunlight...

Grey days and coffee is an style which I created in the early days of Fine Art Landscapes, and one which I still use today should the mood take me.


I hope you enjoy this series, split into two moods...

Occasionally the artist in me can't help using my camera like a paintbrush.

Here is a small selection of images that I've created using this technique...


All images in my gallery are available to buy through my website.

Prints are high quality and can be purchased as prints, framed prints and canvases.


A selection of my images are also available at the following galleries:


Trattles and Geall Fine Art Gallery

127 Church Street, Whitby YO22 4DE

01947 820028


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